Cultivating Tea and the Practice of Calm

October 30, 2017


    We’ve been talking lately about tea and the incredible benefits of making this a practice in our daily lives. One thing that we didn’t mention earlier is that tea is highly affordable. Many plants that you might like to drink as a tea can be grown in your yard or greenhouse and take up very little space.


 Lemon Balm:

    This little beauty has a way of making it into nearly all herbal conversations. Its health benefits cover a wide range so you may drink this to ward of stress and anxiety. You might need a pleasant tasting and potent anti-viral. It can also be very effective against shingles and Herpes as well.


    AKA purple coneflower has made its way into the heart of herbalists and is very easy to cultivate. The flowering tops as well as its leaves and pungent roots can be brewed into an effective immune boosting tea that is also beneficial to the lymphatic system.



    Adding just a bit of lavender to your Chamomile tea can boost its healing properties since lavender is relaxing and works as a nervine to relieve stress. Migraine sufferers can combine Lavender with Feverfew and Poppy for very good results. This garden perennial is happy in most soils with moderate sunshine.




Strawberry (leaves):

     Most people think of strawberry plants as producing a single edible part. This is not true though as the leaves have healing properties that make a very soothing tea and tonic for the female reproductive organs. Other berry plants like blackberry and Raspberry have leaves for consumption also.



    Yarrow is one of the great body balancers. This plant is very pretty when included in a garden. There are several colors of yarrow but the variety with white flowers has the highest medicinal value. It is great when sweating is helpful for healing and gets the blood moving. Natives had a phrase “Yarrow heals the wounds of warriors.”



     Ok, some of you are reading this and saying “What!? Thyme is for cooking not drinking!” But it’s so true; Thyme is a very simple remedy for colds and congestion. Is it any wonder then why Italians used this plant in almost all of their cooking when working with ingredients like cheese, bread and tomatoes, all of which are highly congestive? Thyme pairs nicely with any mint and for powerful decongestant properties add it to a cup of Osha root tea and that thick, sticky mucous dries right up.


    These are just a few of the many herbs that are wonderful for our gardens and bodies alike.  They are not only beautiful additions to our yards or homes but they have potent effects on our organs and keep us feeling healthy. I could list may more but I just want to begin the conversation of teas and cultivating practices that bring us closer to plants and closer to the natural rhythms of our own bodies.

    Do you really think we were meant to go at a non-stop pace running our bodies to the max while supplying them with minimal rest, calmness or sanctuary from stress? NO! That only destroys us and prevents us from being our best selves. Incredibly, tea has a way of bringing some balance back into focus and slowing us down long enough to realize that we've been moving at light speed in the first place.


    Thank you for joining us this week for our tea marathon. We will be moving on to other topics but we are just so passionate about tea that we made a new blend, Lemon Ginger Echinacea. Our tea expert Jenifer Daily has been working hard to formulate a blend that will be both pleasurable to the palate while providing some very important nutrition where it’s needed. As we grow you can follow our progress. For those updates and more subscribe on our Homepage! We will send out monthly newsletters to all our email subscribers.

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