5 Reasons to Cultivate a Love for Tea Drinking

October 16, 2017




    Tea drinking has been a part of human life for as long as we could put plant material in water and drink it. So why don’t we know more about the incredible health benefits of adding this practice into our lives?

    America moves too fast for its own good. We value productivity and let the simpler things fall lower on the priority list. Read down this short list and ask yourself, “Is there any reason I don’t drink more tea?”


1: Herbal Infusions are a Powerhouse of Nutrition:

    You are getting your vitamins, minerals, stimulants, demulcents, (mucilage) diuretics and many other properties in an easily absorb-able liquid supplement.


2: Tea drinking encourages relaxation:

    Just the act of making and drinking a cup of tea has calming effects on the body. With our “get her done” approach to life sometimes slowing down long enough for a bit of tea can be a healing act in itself.


3: Plant Nutrition is whole and complete:

    Plants absorb the minerals from the soil and transform them so our bodies can easily assimilate those materials that we normally would never consider eating. You wouldn’t go outside and eat a rock if you need more iron. A single cup of Nettle tea is packed with iron and tastes great too.


4: Creativity and Flavor:

    Take for example Nettle, Parsley and Peppermint. These three herbs make up the Stomach Ache Tea that we sell here at Sunshine Herbs. They were selected for their ability to soothe the stomach and aid digestion. It’s amazing what you can come up with by combining these healthful plants together. The possibilities are endless when you look into the properties that make plants work, and many of them work best when paired with other herbs.


5: Teas are very easy to make:

    Whether you brew one cup at a time and drink it hot or make up a quart and refrigerate it, tea takes 5 minutes to prepare.

  • Select your favorite leaves, flowers or roots

  • Boil water

  • Pick your vessel

  • Pour water over the herbs

  • Let stand 5 minutes (or overnight even!)

  • Sweeten, sip and enjoy

     It’s really that simple. Adding sweetener never looked so good too! Nowadays in our consumer savvy world there are SO many sweeteners to choose from. Stevia can assist in nourishing the pancreas and Xylitol is a great diabetic choice.


    So, no matter how busy we become in the rat race there’s always room for herbal infusions to work their subtle magic in our lives. Can you really say no to tea now that you see how easy it is?

    If you enjoyed finding out about how herbal infusions can benefit your well being, subscribe to our blog for monthly recipes you can make at home. Also, next week we will highlight one of Sunshine Herbs’ nutritious and tasty tea blends, the Vitamin and Mineral Tea. We will go over each of the ingredients and why they work well together to provide your body vital nutrition through herbal sources of minerals and vitamins.


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