Welcome To Sunshine Herbs... Blog!

October 9, 2017

    We are so excited to be able to share our wisdom and experience with a larger audience. Every day we have customers come into our store asking health related questions. It’s hard to answer them well sometimes because of the restrictions that are placed on the entire industry of herbal remedies and alternative ways of bringing greater health and vitality to our lives. 

Our major disclaimer is that we cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness. Our Blog and Website are set up to inform and educate about herbs through tried and true sources like Rosemary Gladstar, Dr, Christopher, Dr. Shulze and others that have used their herbal practice to help countless people live quality lives. We draw on their wisdom when talking about these remedies and what makes them effective.

    We will also be featuring products that have become favorites for our employees and customers. As our blog grows we would like to hear from the online community in the comments about some of your favorite herbs or home remedies or even products that outshine the rest.

    There is not a single path to take when approaching the herbal conversation. Everyone is different and our make-up, constitution and daily lives vary greatly. Depending on your stressors, your emotional well being, your diet as well as other key factors will depend on which herb is right for you and how long you may want to use it before moving on to something else. If you are not familiar with alternative medicines then there are a few points I should mention before continuing.


  1. Always consult your family doctor before taking an alternative remedy to make sure it will not conflict with any medication you might be on.

  2. The internet is a wonderful place to find out about a remedy but be mindful that your source is a good one. If you go into this blindly you may be getting bad information.

  3. Hype! It is astounding how much hype there can be around a single herb or a particular formula. Unfortunately when this happens it is used into obscurity and can become hard to get (even for retailers!) So consider your alternatives and always seek out tried and true herbs that can be readily sourced.

  4. If you are unsure of how an herb will work for you. STOP right there. Do a little research. Like I mentioned above, there are countless references online for anything you might be looking into. Only when you feel confident about consuming something that may have health benefits will you be prepared to take the next step.

  5. Many herbs do the same thing. Herbs have sister plants and actions that are similar. One may work for one person while doing nothing for another. That is why there is a wide variety to choose from in the Herbal Kingdom.



    So, whether you are new to this or a plant loving Earth warrior, there is always more to be learned and we are here to provide some fun, educational and personal experiences that your may find interesting. We will try to keep the content fresh and fun. We love what we do! We love talking about it and we love to see people’s lives change for the better when they find that key element to their health that was missing.

    Also, you can look forward to news of the Garden produce (during the summer months) sales, specials, classes and possible herb walks (also during the summer months). As we become more organized we look forward to bringing you better services and information.

    Be sure to subscribe below for our Newsletter that we will send out monthly. This is all new territory for us and it’s important that you (the online community) share your comments with us and let us know what you like.

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Welcome To Sunshine Herbs... Blog!

October 9, 2017

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