Co-op Buying club
Through UNFI (United Natural Food Inc.) you can order items in bulk for a larger quantity than what is sold in the store. It will be shipped directly to the shop and be ready to be picked up upon arrival. Click link below for the downloadable PDF.
Azure Standard
Bulk ordering through Azure Standard is now available. We have an order form specifically for this company. You can download that here or pick one up at the store. It works very much in the same way as UNFI, but Azure is placed once a month ONLY.
Lab Screening 2019
January 19
February 23
April 6
July 13
October 30
November 16
Kangen Water Machines
These water machines are available for sale. Click the link below for machine specifications and details.
Black Salve retailer
We are one of the few health food stores on the Mountain that carry Black Salve balm and capsules.
Shipping in the USA
Need a product from our store but can't make it to us? Don't worry, we ship anywhere within the United States. Standard Priority rates apply. Please call us for more information.
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For more information call us at (928)-537-1711