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The Beauty of Bulk Herbs & Spices


by Laura Singleton – The Independent


If you are wondering about the benefits of buying herbs and spices in bulk, the answer is in one word – freshness.  According to Linda Owens, owner of Sunshine Herbs in Show Low, “Bulk herbs and spices are fresher because of the packaging. Our herbs and spices are stored in sealed mylar bags so that they stay fresh longer.  Products stored in clear plastic or glass bottles can loose potency sitting on the retail shelf.” 


Another benefit of buying herbs and spices in bulk comes in the form of savings! Customers often carry the misconception that “bulk” dictates buying in large quantities.  When you visit a speciality store like Sunshine Herbs, you can purchase as little as 1 ounce or as much as 1 pound.  Linda explains that customers can even “ ahead, read us their list and we will select, measure and pre-pack their items.  All they have to do is pick up their order when it’s convenient for them.”   This saves time, which ultimately saves money for the customer. 


Here’s a breakdown of how you save by buying herbs and spices in bulk:


1. The herbs and spices are fresher, therefore more potent, so you use less.

2. The consumer isn’t paying for packaging and advertising.  i.e Bottles, labels, canisters or commercial containers.

3. The herbs and spices generally don’t contain fillers such as salt.  This means that you are getting more for your money.

4. Consumers are able to take advantage of the Co-op bulk buying prices that the store receives.

5. The consumer can purchase a small amount because the product is not pre-packaged.  This allows the customer to try a

    product and decide if they like it before buying a large quantity.


More and more people are making their own teas, supplements, powders, tinctures,

salves, supplements, aromatherapy blends and homeopathic remedies.  Customers

find that buying in small increments allows them the flexibility to keep costs down. 

Linda explains that, “People can buy a little or a lot. We don’t push a customer in any

direction; we guide them until they find success.  Then, the come back again and again.

  Then they send their friends!”


Something else that many customers don’t realize is that many herbs have dual use.

 That is, they may be used for medicinal and culinary purposes.  For example, Turmeric

can be used as an anti-inflammatory or as a spice in cooking. Cinnamon is a spice that

may lower blood sugar levels and help prevent diabetes.  Some have found that

cinnamon helps reduce heart disease risk factors. On the flip side, cinnamon is

commonly used in cooking and baking.  Dandelion and Burdock root are commonly

used for their liver cleansing properties and also used in cooking.


If you haven’t tried shopping for herbs and spices in bulk, now is the time. Herbalism

and the use of fresh herbs and spices to treat illness, prevent disease and treat ailments

has become increasingly more mainstream.  There is a vast amount of information in

hard copy and online, with new clinical research being published daily.  If you are looking

for a local and “in person” resource, take your questions to Sunshine Herbs. 

 Linda says, “We are like a general store.  We greet everyone. We get to know everyone.

  We will walk with you and follow you with your list!  If I don’t know the customer,

I will by the time that they are done!  We’re all like Moms and Grandmas.

We want you to feel at home.”


Questions about herbs, spices, products, services, recipes? 

Go to our contact page and leave us a message.


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