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Our Story

      Sunshine Herbs has been in business for 10 years. Linda Owens took over the company from Joy Owens the former owner. Our goal is to offer affordable products to our customers. We do this in a number of ways; by making it possible for folks to take advantage of the Co-Op bulk buying club, and by making many powdered herbal formula in the shop as well as bulk teas, which provide people with an alternative to prepackaged supplements. Bulk buying can save you money. We order supplements at the best price available to us.

      With a dedicated staff that educates themselves daily in order to offer the best advice to our customers, we cannot prescribe or diagnose but can pass on tried and true information from Master Herbalists, Naturapathic doctors and Alternative Remedies Reference books that we keep on hand for your convenience.

     Linda grows a garden here at the store and offers to customers fresh cut greens and produce throughout the growing season.

     This website was created as a way to reach a larger audience since it is our policy to ship anywhere in the United States and parts of Canada. Here at Sunshine Herbs we believe that health begins with knowledge. The more we know, the better we can take care of ourselves and our families, this stretches out to our communities and the ripples can become endless. This website gives our customers an overview of what the store carries so that those who aren't able to visit our storefront can benefit from what we have to offer. We accept phone and email orders for those interested in our products through the site. Also, due to price fluctuations we do not list prices on anything that is subject to change. I understand that this can be inconvenient but we love receiving emails with your inquiries and are available to assist you during store hours. We are a very small store but our staff is dedicated to helping our online clientele by responding quickly to your emails so we can get your packages ready and shipped out to you in a reasonable time.